The Hashemite University and the NCFA Sign an Agreement to Establish a Model Nursery for Children of University Staff


Professor Kamal Bani Hani, President of the Hashemite University, and the Acting Secretary-General of the National Council for Family Affairs(NCFA), Mohammad Miqdady, signed a cooperation agreement to establish a model nursery in the university serving staff's children under four years of age. The signing was attended by Dr Suha al-Hasan, Dean of Queen Rania Faculty for Childhood, and Dr Suha Tabbal Director of Childhood Department at NCFA.
Professor Bani Hani emphasized that the university is working in line with its ambitious plan to implement a set of pioneer projects that serve its staff and achieve their ambitions in raising their children the best way possible. The University is said to have chosen a location in cooperation with the Council and is currently rehabilitating, equipping and furnishing it. He added that the University embraces a one-of-a-kind faculty in the region specialized in childhood which is the Queen Rania Faculty for Childhood and needs a model nursery for the purpose of academic application of its students and specialists in the faculty.
On the other hand, Miqdady highlighted the role of the NCFA demonstrated in mobilizing technical support for parties concerned with family affairs, developing required human resources, enhancing their performance, providing a model for the development of early childhood care at the national level and transforming the perspective towards nursery services from care providing into a comprehensive development of children's skills.
The agreement aims for a joint cooperation in supervision, follow-up and technical support to establish a model nursery in accordance with nursery licensing standards and in compliance with the environmental conditions and criteria, be they educational, health, social, psychological or recreational. This includes providing nurseries with educational tools and games which contribute to the development of motor and social skills of children, outfitting nurseries with modern equipment and age-appropriate stories (0-4 years ) which can enhance the development of communication, social and psychological skills.
According to the agreement, the Council shall follow-up, supervise and cover the expenses of setting up and rehabilitating a model applied nursery for the benefit of students and specialists in the university. It shall also provide them with copies of the activities manual and carry out periodic visits throughout the duration of the agreement which is one year.
The University, on the other hand, shall, in accordance with the agreement, provide the location for the nursery and furnish it with necessary units such as beds and seats that meet children's needs of safety and physical and mental health in accordance with the 2008 licensing standards of nurseries. The university shall also install network cameras for students' education-oriented purposes as well as set standards for selecting qualified staff to work in the nursery with continued staff training and follow-up to guarantee the provision of comprehensive development for children.
On the sidelines of the agreement signing, the Acting secretary-General accompanied by the Dean of Queen Rania Faculty for Childhood toured the allocated location in the Faculty of Medicine and inspected progress of work on the sit